2024 FIRST Long Island Regional

2024 FIRST Long Island Regional Livestream

514’s Match Schedule

Our match schedule as of Friday morning is shown below. The match times can change depending on delays at the event. Also, the playoff match schedule isn’t created until Saturday afternoon.

For the most up-to-date match schedule information, visit The Blue Alliance.

What’s the game this year?

This year’s game is CHARGED UP! It’s all about energy – robots retrieve game pieces (Cubes and Cones) from substations across the field and score them in their alliance’s Grid. Teams also get points for docking with their alliance’s Charge Station platform. Extra points are assigned if teams are balanced on the Charge Station.

Match Periods

During the first 15 seconds of the match, robots drive autonomously without any human input. Grid and Charge Station points are worth more during the autonomous period.

Next, drivers take control and the teleoperated period starts. This period lasts for 2 minutes and 15 seconds until the end of the match.


There are three primary ways teams score points during matches – bringing Cones and Cubes to their Grid, creating Links of game pieces in their Grid (3 pieces next to each other) and docking/engaging with their Charge Station. Here are the different point values for these tasks:

(if you’re on a mobile device, rotate to view the full table)

Task Autonomous Points Teleoperated Points Ranking Points
Robot Mobility (crossing the community line during auto) 3
Game Pieces on a Bottom Row Node 3 2
Game Pieces on a Middle Row Node 4 3
Game Pieces on a Top Row Node 6 5
Link (3 adjacent Nodes in a Row contain scored Game Pieces) 5
Robot Docked on Charge Station 8 6
Robot Engaged on Charge Station (docked and level) 12 10
Robot Parked Inside the Alliance’s Community at the End of the Match 2
Sustainability Bonus (at least 5 Links scored) 1
Coopertition Bonus (at least 3 Game Pieces on both Alliances Co-op Grid) Sustainability Bonus threshold is lowered to 4 Links
Activation Bonus (at least 26 Charge Station points earned in the match) 1
Tying a match 1
Winning a match 2

Can friends and family attend in person?

Yes! This is the first year since 2019 that our competition can have spectators. If you’re able to attend, we’d highly recommend it. It’s a great experience!

When and where should I go?

The competition takes place over three days – March 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Here’s a general overview of what happens each day:

  • Thursday – Practice Day. This is the day teams adjust to playing on an official field. None of the matches count for official ranking.
  • Friday – Qualifiers. This day starts qualification matches. The competition heats up as teams start earning Ranking Points!
  • Saturday – Playoffs. The first few hours of the day finish up qualifiers. Then, playoff matches begin!

If you’re able to, you are welcome to attend all three days! However, if you pick one day to attend, we would recommend Saturday. Click here for the official event schedule.

Our competition is hosted at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex at Hofstra University. Click here for a link to Google Maps to get directions. Parking and admission is free.