Casey Sauer

Years on Team: 3

Anticipated Major: Mechanical Engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering or physics

Cool Fact: Wants to get humans to Mars and has had a photo taken by him published in National Geographic


Sophia Fischer

Years on Team: 5

Anticipated Major: Chemical Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering

Cool Fact: Wants to study in Germany and work in the fuel industry


Dylan Flerx

Years on Team: 2

Anticipated Major: Computer Science with a minor in cybersecurity

Cool Fact: Wants to go into AI Development and has a blackbelt in taekwondo


Kyle Mansueto

Years on Team: 4

Anticipated Major: Architectural Engineering/Construction Management

Cool Fact: Wants to start his own company and has rebuilt a tractor

Lily Newman

Years on Team: 4

Anticipated Major: Communication Design with a minor in illustration

Cool Fact: Wants to be a graphic designed/illustrator and has a purple belt in taekwondo