Board Officers

President: Kim Mansueto

Kim Mansueto is a Regional Director of Operations for Fusion Education Group, East Coast Schools. She is also a NYS School Counselor and Educational Consultant. She has been a member of the Team 514 family member since 2015 when her son, Kyle, entered the Miller Place High School. From the moment she walked into the first robotics parent meeting she couldn’t resist supporting the Board with development, fundraising and social media efforts. This is her second year as President and is eager to cultivate ‘FUN’draising opportunities that will provide Team 514 with long term sustainability. Robotics is a home run for her and her family as she has watched her son’s passion for engineering, design and building soar through childhood. 

Vice President: Lori McCrea

The proud mother of two boys, Lori McCrea is someone who enjoys being involved with and supporting Team 514 in any way she can. Growing upon the Island, she graduated form the Smithtown East High School and, later, Marist College with aBachelor’s degree. She and her husband own and operate Miller Place Physical Therapy, a successful business and thriving part of the community , for the past 21 years. Their oldest son, of 15 years, is Avery, a member of the robotics club since 2015. Despite having some special needs, his talents in graphic and computer-aided design have been a big help in carving an image out for his team to represent themselves. Overall, Lori , whether attending a board meeting or a fundraiser, is a valuable member of Team 514.

Secretary: John Sultan

John Sultan is a stay at home dad, after working 25+ years in the auto industry. He is very gifted with his hands, tackling any challenging craft with grace and ease. As most parents, John is passionate about his children, recognizing the skills learned by their involvement in robotics. After serving in the role as an advocate he became Secretary to the Booster Team last year as well as mentor during the build season(s).

Treasurer: Christine Novak

Christine Novak has been employed by the Miller Place School District for the past ten years. She currently is a Teaching Assistant in the high school, as the supervisor of the In School Suspension Room.  Mrs. Novak attended St. Josephs College where she received a degree in Education.  She has dedicated herself to her children and wants to provide them with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning. She feels she can accomplish this through her own involvement in volunteering in her sons interests.  Mrs. Novak has been involved in different facets of the Robotics team since Brandon has joined in 2014.  Together with a team of amazing and creative board members/parents, she has become the team’s Treasurer.

Board Members

Developmental and Fundraising Support:

Social Media Support: Amanda Rock

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Adjunct Trustee: Roseann Sultan

Roseann Sultan serves in the role of Co-Secretary along with her husband, John. She has served in various leadership roles for Zurich Insurance Company for 20 years, and is an active member for Zurich’s WIN (Women In Network), Toastmaster’s, Reading, Mentoring and Catalyst Programs. She is a long term resident of Miller Place, originally from Brooklyn, NY where she is an active parishioner of St. Louis DeMontfort Church and a continued advocate for the less fortunate, supporter and active volunteer for Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, Housing Works, Friends of Karen and NY Common Pantry. She is passionate about Robotics and learning opportunities for the Miller Place community. Roseann is a tireless and fearless cheerleader for her 2 sons.