Learn to Code in Minecraft 2022

Learn to Code in Minecraft 2022

This workshop has ended!

We had a great time running this workshop and were happy to see how many students were interested in learning Java programming! This gives us confidence in holding more workshops like it in the future.
Feel free to review the Workshop notes below to see what we covered!


Workshop Day 1: Link

Workshop Day 2: Link

Workshop Day 3: Link

Workshop Day 4: Link

What is this?

Team 514 is offering a programming workshop for students grades 8-12 interested in learning how to code! This program is completely free and takes place outside school hours at Miller Place High School. Students of all experience levels are welcome – whether they’ve never tried programming before or have been programming for years.

What will students learn?

This workshop will introduce students to foundational programming concepts like booleans and Strings as well as object-oriented concepts like methods, classes, and event-driven actions (for example: when I place a Block, launch a Firework!).

We will focus on the Java programming language. Minecraft is written in Java, which is why we can modify the game with it. We also use Java when programming our FRC robots! Learn more about our high school robotics program here.

Java is widely used in the programming industry, making it a great skill to have for any STEM career. Java is also great for someone new to programming as it shares many similar concepts with other programming languages.

What is required to participate in the workshop?

This workshop is only open to students in grades 8 through 12. While we wish we could educate a larger audience of different ages, this is our first time running a workshop like this. We want to make sure we get it right before expanding to different age groups. If all goes well, we’ll do more workshops in the future for younger students as well!

Students will need the following in order to participate in the workshop:

  • An official Minecraft: Java Edition account, available for purchase from Microsoft here for $29.99.
    • Note: There are two versions of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock. Java is available on desktop computers, while Bedrock is available on desktop, smartphones, and consoles. Please make sure your student has a Java Edition account as a Bedrock account is not compatible with what we’ll be doing in the workshop. If you’re unsure, ask us at [email protected].
  • A Windows or Mac laptop capable of running Minecraft: Java Edition. See the store link above for “Minecraft: Java Edition System Requirements”. Most Windows and Mac laptops can run Minecraft, but it’s good to confirm!
    • Due to a limited budget, our team only has a couple of laptops. While we wish we could provide all students with a preconfigured laptop, we ask that students bring a laptop from home for this workshop. We will spend time during the first meeting installing the programs needed for the workshop.
    • Note: Chromebooks do not support Minecraft: Java Edition. Also, students cannot use their school-issues laptops due to the next requirement.
  • An administrator account on the laptop they will bring to the workshop.
    • Some of the programs we use require administrative privileges at the time of installation. Please ensure your student has an admin account on the laptop, or knows the login details for the laptop’s admin account.

Note: If you are unable to meet any of these requirements due to financial limitations, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help. If needed, we can also have students work in groups.

When and where does the workshop take place?

We will meet in the high school tech room (room 154) – the same place the robotics team meets. Students can be dropped off and picked up around the back of the building near the gym entrance – we will have the back entrance to the tech room open.

We will meet four times throughout October and November – October 13th & 20th and November 3rd & 10th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. While students don’t need to attend every meeting, we strongly recommend it as we will be covering new topics each week. And it’s fun!

The first meeting – October 13th at 6:30 PMis mandatory since we will spend time setting up everyone’s laptops with the programs they will need for the rest of the workshop.

Can parents stay during the workshop?

Of course! Parents don’t need to stay, but you are welcome to attend if you’d like to.

Can students from other school districts attend?

Sure! Please keep in mind this workshop is intended for students in grades 8 through 12. But you can invite friends and family from other districts!

Have a question we didn't answer here?

Email us at [email protected]! Please keep in mind the mentors volunteer for this program in addition to having full-time jobs. We’ll do our best to respond to you as soon as we can!

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